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 Non Linear Editing

We do digital video editing of parties, weddings, graduations, and any special event in VHS, Hi8, or Digital Video cassettes and we will edit them for you including wipes, dissolves, letter box mode, black and white effects, titles and credits. Keep edited video for easy viewing. For wedding presentation, send us photos and your favorite video clips and we can make you a wonderful wedding presentation that can be shown during your reception. What if you need an MTV style presentation? We can do it! Be creative, different, and fun to watch.

We Can Do More For Video or Photo

Composite your video in a wedding album Make Black White video over color clips. Select your music and compose your video. Open closed eyes, remove wrinkles, etc.(photo). Add somebody in a picture you like (photo). Take out person you dont want (photo). Alter image, add/remove backgrounds. Remove distracting reflections and add text, borders, mask, etc. (photo) Video? Checkout our Gallery to see how we retouch images digitally. How about making a feature presentation? We are also qualified cinematographer / director and can write you a script. This is your chance to make it happen.

Tel: 973-2689903

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