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Photography Checklist

Before the wedding
Bride dressing at bride's home of other location
Mirror reflection of the bride alone
Mirror reflection of the bride with the maid of honor
Adjusting garter
Bride fully dressed looking at invitation
Bride fully dressed on stairs, coming down from dressing
Full-lenght portrait of the bride, several different locations
Three quarter length portrait of the bride
Bride surrounded by flowers
Bride surrounded by gifts
Bride pinning corsage on mother
Bride pinning corsage on father
Mother with bride
Father with bride
Sisters and brothers with bride (individually and together)
Father and Mother with the bride
Entire family with the bride
Bride with maid of honor
Bride with Grandparents
Bride leaving the house with family
Bride entering the limo escorted by father

At The Wedding Site
Good exterior photograph of church, temple, building or
Outdoor setting where ceremony will be held
Guest entering
Bride and parents leaving the automobile
Bride and parents on the church steps
Bride and family waiting in the vestibule
Ushers escorting guest
View of church and flowers
Groom finishing dressing or waiting
Groom with best man
Groom with ushers

The Processional
Key members of the wedding party coming down the aisle
Flower girls, ring bearers, bride and father coming down the aisle
Bride and groom united at place of ceremony

 The Ceremony (check which applies)**
Father kissing bride before taking his place in pew
Bride and groom at altar / chuppah
Clergyman conducting services
Sacred or special readings
Any musical presentations
Ring ceremony - exchanges
"I do's - vow change
Clergy conferring blessing
Couple kissing
Parents reactions during ceremony
Family members
Bridal party
Couple leaving the altar
Floral offering





The wedding party as it assembles and leaves
Bride and groom at back of church
Bride and groom greeting well-wishers
Bride and groom in doorway of church

Receiving Line (if held)
Coverage as determined of a few highlights

Altar Returns
Close-up of repeat vows
Exchange of rings close up
Couple with clergy

Wedding Party Formals
(Can be shot as altar returns or in another location prior to reception)
Bride and maid of honor
Groom and best man
Bride, maid of honor, groom and best man
Bride and ushers
Groom and brides maids
Groom and ushers
Bride and groom with immediate family
Bride and groom with both parents
Full wedding party
Bride solo
Groom solo

Leaving The Church
Candid outside church
Bride and Groom kissing
Bride and groom leaving church
Rice toss or flower shower
Couple outside the church
Couple outside the automobile
Couple entering the automobile to leave for reception
Couple in automobile
Waiving good-bye to crowd

Overall shot of tables, set up but unoccupied
Floral arrangement on table
Wedding invitations placed on floral arrangement
Bride and groom entering reception hall
Bride and groom's first dance
Bride and father dancing
Groom and mother dancing
Other family dances, note special dances.
Guest dancing
Bride and groom being toasted by best man
Other toasts
Table shots is desired
Band, musicians and DJ
Candid of children and close friends
Wedding cake alone
Bride and groom cutting cake
Bride feeding cake to groom
Groom feeding cake to bride
Bouquet throwing
Groom removing garter from bride
Groom throwing garter
Special events**

Other Formals
Brides parents
Bride's mother
Bride's father
Groom's parents
Groom's mother
Groom's father
Grand parents
Combinations of grand parents, uncles, aunts, and cousins


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