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Creativisions Photography & Video
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 Our Equipment
We always bring extra equipment everywhere we shoot. 
For video, our equipment are the latest 3 chip Digital Video (DV) 
camcorders which are higher in quality than S-VHS which was rated best years ago. 
For photography, we only use Medium Format cameras with full line of 
lenses to fit any location and also extends our creativity. We use Media 100 
non linear editing systems in putting together your memories. We can 
produce MTV style videos with all the possible effect you can imagine with 
Adobe Photoshop and After Effects.  Please refer with our price list for 
videography for more options. For any further questions not found in this site, 
please fell free to contact us so we can help you even better.�
Have Your Video Edited by a Professional!�
Our company will edit your video professionally, show them to your family, friends
 and guests. Make them memorable and exciting to watch. We use only the 
best Digital equipmentto edit your videos. We have Media 100 non-linear systems.
 Just copy the original, keep the copy, mail us the original and we will edit your 
movies with wipes, dissolves, titles, slow motions, and titles. Make a short 
description how you want your video to be edited. Write titles and credits you want. 
Send your favorite music too. Forget about those blue and too yellow footages, 
we will correct them. You can send Hi8,VHS, and Digital Video. For any other 
questions not found in this site, please contact us so we can help.  
Professionally made are always better.
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